May 5, 2018

A Message from Mayor Woodfin:

A message from Tamla & Brandon:

Event Press Release:

National Tea with TOFi Trinity Tour Stopping in Birmingham for a Conversation With Mayor Woodfin About Educating and Inspiring Young Males

BIRMINGHAM, AL – What does it take to equip and inspire young men in Birmingham to lead and live a productive life? That will be the topic of discussion Saturday, May 5 as global human resources executive and the Chairman & President of TOFi Foundation, Inc., Tamla Oates-Forney, meets with Mayor Woodfin and other city and community leaders during the first stop of Tea with TOFi Trinity Tour. Spearheaded by Oates-Forney, the tour developed out of her focus on the trinity for change --- community, conversation, and collaboration. The event begins at 11 a.m. and will take place at District 9 Events located at 1927 4th Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020.

“My idea to host community teas and not just another luncheon or seminar came from my love of tea and my foundation’s focus on driving social and economic change through collaboration,” said Oates-Forney. “It is my hope that through a relaxed setting, community leaders and strategic partners will be able to collaborate to develop action plans to address issues facing their communities.”

Birmingham was chosen as a city for the tour after the election of the city’s youngest mayor in years sparked national attention.  One of the key strategic partners for the Birmingham tea is TheBlackManCan, a non-profit organization focused on celebrating, educating, and inspiring boys and men of color. Oates-Forney says that Mayor Woodfin’s win exemplifies so much of what TOFi Foundation, Inc. stands for, and she wanted to bring this conversation to a city that is developing such positive and consistent change.

“The momentum that is happening in Birmingham is so inspiring and a true testament to the change that is taking place here,” Oates-Forney said. “The impact that Mayor Woodfin has had on this city already is to be commended, and if there was ever a time to really show our young males the art of the possible, the time is now and Mayor Woodfin is living proof.”

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